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Setting Screen; Setting Screen Operation - Sony STW-C140GI Operating Instructions Manual

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Setting Screen

You can adjust the perceived distance and
brightness of the closed captions to make
them easier to see.

Setting Screen Operation

You can press the SEL button to display one
of the following adjustment screens. Each
time you press the SEL button, the
adjustment screen changes. After three
seconds of no operation, the adjustment
screen disappears.
Distance Adjustment
Press the +/– button to set the closed
captions to appear as close to the cinema
screen as possible (as would normally be
viewed). The + button moves the captions
away from the wearer, and the – button
moves them toward the wearer. Select one of
three settings.
Approximate distances:
• Near: 7 m (23 feet)
• Mid: 12 m (39 feet)
• Far: 18 m (59 feet)
Brightness Adjustment
The captioning glasses automatically adjust
the closed caption brightness to make it suit
the screen image brightness that is detected
by the photo sensor incorporated into the
captioning glasses.
Furthermore, you can manually adjust the
brightness in 5 levels by pressing the +/–
button. The + button increases the
brightness, and the – button decreases it.
The brightness does not change when the
theater is well-lit or pitch-dark, regardless of
any brightness adjustment. (The maximum and
minimum brightness is constant and only the
sensitivity to theater brightness changes.)



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