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Keeping milk warm
When the milk has reached the desired temperature, the baby
bottle warmer automatically switches to the keep-warm mode. In
this mode, the milk is kept at the set temperature for 20 minutes
(Fig. 14).
The baby bottle warmer switches off automatically after 20
minutes. The progress indicator switches off to indicate that the
milk is not kept at the desired temperature anymore (Fig. 11).
Note: If you want to feed your baby with milk at the set temperature, you need
to take the milk bottle out of the baby bottle warmer and feed it to your baby
right after the baby bottle warmer switches off, otherwise the milk cools down.
Note: You cannot prolong the keep-warm mode of the baby bottle warmer for
more than 20 minutes.
Caution: It is not recommended to reheat breast milk twice, as bacteria
start to develop in the milk.
Always check the temperature of the milk before you feed your
baby. Gently swirl the milk in the bottle or milk storage container
and check the temperature of the milk by sprinkling a few drops on
the inside of your wrist (Fig. 12).
Unplug the appliance and empty the baby bottle warmer (Fig. 13).
Re-using the baby bottle warmer right away for
another bottle
If you want to heat up another bottle right away, let the baby bottle
warmer cool down for a few minutes. To speed up this process, fill the
baby bottle warmer with fresh cold water. When you switch on the baby
bottle warmer, the progress indicator starts flashing from bottom to top
to indicate that the appliance is heating up again.
Note: If the progress indicator is on but does not flash, the baby bottle
warmer is still too warm to heat up another bottle. Please switch off the baby
bottle warmer, let it cool down for a few minutes and make sure you fill it
with fresh cold water.


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