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Setting The Alarm; Setting The Alarm Time - Philips HF3462/30 Instruction Manual

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Note: If you do not confirm the time, the blinking stops and the arrows disappear after 10 seconds. This
indicates that the time has been set.
The appliance is now ready for use.
using the appliance

setting the alarm

When you set the alarm, you choose the light intensity level, the type of sound and the sound level.
The alarm is set when the light ring round the ALARM button burns. The light intensity slowly
increases to the chosen level during the last 30 minutes before the set alarm time. The sound slowly
increases in 90 seconds to the chosen level after the set alarm time.

setting the alarm time

Press the alarm time button ( *) to set the alarm. (Fig. )
The alarm time starts blinking and two arrows appear above and below the alarm
time (Fig. 9).

Use the % and the ^ buttons to set the alarm time, i.e. the time at which you wish to get
up. (Fig. 10)

Press the button longer to put the time forward or backward more quickly.

Press the alarm time button ( *) again to confirm the alarm time. (Fig. 8)
The arrows disappear and the alarm time stops blinking.
Note: If you do not confirm the alarm time, the blinking stops after 10 seconds. This means that the
alarm time has been set.
setting the sound and the sound level
Press the ALARM button (Fig. 11).
The light ring round the ALARM button starts burning (Fig. 1).
The first sound symbol (radio symbol for HF3462, HF3461 and gentle beep symbol for
HF51) starts blinking for  seconds and the sound can be heard.

Press the ALARM button again if you want to select another wake-up sound. When you have
found the sound you want to use, do not press the ALARM button again (Fig. 11).
After  seconds, the symbol of the sound selected stops blinking to indicate that it has been
The alarm has been set and continues to work until you switch the alarm function off. When
you do this, the sound symbol disappears from the display and the light ring round the
ALARM button goes out. See also section 'Switching the alarm on or off'.

Turn the volume control wheel $ to set the sound level. (Fig. 1)
The $ appears on the display. (Fig. 1)

If you want no sound at wake-up time, select level 0.
setting the light intensity level
Use the light adjustment wheel @ to set the light intensity level. (Fig. 15)
The @ appears on the display.
Tip: We advise a light intensity between 9 and 20 (for the HF3451 with 75W lamp) or between 7 and
15 (for the HF3462, HF3461 with 100W lamp) for the alarm function. Set the light intensity to your
own preference by trying out the alarm function at different light intensity levels.

If you don't want the light to go on at wake-up time, select light intensity level 0.

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