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Place the clean icecream container in your freezer and leave until the liquid within the container
is completely frozen. This could take from 8-12 hours depending on the characteristics of your
Prepare the icecream mixture as directed by the recipe. The total quantity permix must not
exceed 1 kg. Check that the upper housing is fully locked in place. Connect plug to a 220/240 volt
A.C. Domestic power outlet and switch on. The Power light will come on. Remove the fully frozen
icecream container from the freezer and lower it into the upper housing turning it either way
until it couples with the drive gear. (FIG. 2.) Now fit the blade into the icecream container so that
the rounded peg sits into the dimple in the base of the container. (RG. 3.) Position the lid so that
the 1<ey hole' slot sits onto the tongue at the top of the blade, then rotate the lid and lock it into
position with the fill opening uppermost. (FIG. 4 & 6.) Start the machine by turning the timer
knob to the required time setting. (FIG. 5.) Pour the prepared ice-cream mixture into the container
through the fill opening whilst the machine is operating. (FIG. 6.)
Fig. 4
Fig. 5
Fig. 6
Machi n e will automatically switch off when the preset time of churning is complete. If further
churning time is required, reset the timer as required. If the churning is completed before the end
of the time cycle selected, simply turn the timer knob back to the off position. When the churning
is finished remove the lid and blade. Lift the icecream container from the housing and serve or
store the icecream as required. Switch power off, unpl u g and clean the machine.

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