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Since there is no limit to the imagination of the icecream enthusiast, this booklet will only detail
the first steps to be taken in order to get used to the 'Glacier
icecream maker: After a few
attempts your imagination will take flight, enabling you to create original recipes which reveal
your good taste and personality. The general idea to keep in mind is that apart from the classic
natural, vanilla and chocolate icecreams, there is an infinite range of fresh fruit ic&creams, not to
mention the presently popular healthy concoctions based on vegetable juices, where preselected
vegetable puree replaces the fruit in equal amounts. Shoul d you prefer fruit to vegetable flavours,
remember that preserved fruit and j a m can be used as a substitute for fresh fruit if you reduce the
amount of sugar in the basic recipe to offset the sugar contained in the preserves.
Your ' G lacier" is designed to operate from a 230/240 volt AC. Domestic power outlet in Australia,
New Zealand and certain other Pacific area countries.
This icecream maker is not intended for industrial or commercial use. These instructions have
been prepared to assist you with the operation of the 'Glacier' icecream maker. Please read them
and understand them, even if you feel you are familiar with this type of product.
Your attention is drawn particularly to the section dealing with special information for "Your

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