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JRC 1500 MKII Instruction Manual: Bearing Measurement

Lcd radar.
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(3) Using cursor
Press the JOYSTICK to make the cross cursor appear on the screen. The
cross mark can be moved any direction by using the JOYSTICK. The range
and bearing will be displayed at the lower right corner on the display.


(1) Using the bearing scale
Using the bearing scale on the screen, visually estimate a line from the cen-
ter of the display (ship's position) projected through the center of the target,
to reach the bearing scale around the perimeter of the display. The bearing
which you obtain is the terget's relative bearing in degrees.
(2) Using EBL
Press the EBL/VRM key.
If VRM is highlighted, press and hold the EBL/VRM key to change to EBL
Rotate the J-DIAL clockwise or counterclockwise to move the electronic bear-
ing line to cut the center of the target. The target bearing (in degrees relative to
the ship) then appears at the top center of the screen. The bearing may be dis-
played in relative "R", true or magnetic "M" depending on the menu selection
and what other equipment is interfaced to the rader.
To turn off the EBL, press the EBL/VRM key while EBL is highlighted.


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