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Panasonic SC-PT480 Operating Instructions Manual Page 23

Dvd home theater sound system.
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The picture on the TV is not displayed correctly or
≥ The unit and TV are using different video systems.
[For]Southeast]Asia] Use a multi-system or NTSC TV.
[For]Australia,]N.Z.,]India]and]Nigeria] Use a multi-system or PAL TV.
≥ The system used on the disc does not match your TV.
– PAL discs cannot be correctly viewed on an NTSC TV.
– This unit can convert NTSC signals to PAL 60 for viewing on a PAL TV
("NTSC DISC OUT" in VIDEO menu). (
≥ Ensure that the unit is connected directly to the TV, and is not
connected through a VCR. (
≥ Mobile telephone chargers can cause some disturbance.
≥ If you are using an indoor TV antenna, change to an outdoor antenna.
≥ The TV antenna wire is too close to the unit. Move it away from the unit.
≥ Change "SOURCE SELECT" in Menu 2. [DivX] (
≥ Reduce the number of connected devices.
≥ When using the HDMI AV OUT terminal, ensure that an incompatible
video output with the connected TV is not selected. Press and hold
[CANCEL]4 until the picture is displayed correctly. (The output will
return to "480p" or "576p".) (
≥ Video images converted to 1920k1080 resolution may look different
from the true native 1080p full-HD sources. This is not a malfunction of
the main unit.
Picture size does not fit the screen.
≥ Change "TV ASPECT" in the VIDEO menu. (
≥ Use the TV to change the aspect.
≥ Change the zoom setting. ("ZOOM" in Menu 2) (
Menu is not displayed correctly.
Restore the zoom ratio to "NORMAL". ("ZOOM" in Menu 2) (
Auto zoom function does not work well.
≥ Turn off TV's zoom function.
≥ Zoom function may not work well, especially in dark scenes and may
not work depending on the type of disc.
When playing PAL disc, picture distorted.
Set "TRANSFER MODE" in Menu 2 to "AUTO". (
iPod/iPhone operation
Cannot charge or operate.
≥ Check that the iPod/iPhone is connected firmly. (
≥ The battery of the iPod/iPhone is depleted. Charge the iPod/iPhone,
and then operate again.
Cannot display iPod/iPhone photos/videos on the TV.
≥ Ensure the video connection to the VIDEO OUT terminal on this unit (
≥ Operate the iPod/iPhone menu to make the appropriate photo/video
output settings for your TV. (Refer to operating instructions for your
HDMI progressive video
There is ghosting when HDMI progressive output is on.
This problem is caused by the editing method or material used on
DVD-Video, but should be corrected if you use interlaced output. When
using the HDMI AV OUT terminal, set "VIDEO FORMAT" in Menu 5 to
"480i" or "576i". Or, disable the HDMI AV OUT connection and use the
other video connection. (
7, 13)
Distorted sound or noise is heard.
≥ Adjust the position of the FM antenna.
≥ Use an outdoor antenna. (
A beat sound is heard.
Turn the TV off or move it away from the unit.
The USB drive or its contents cannot be read.
≥ The USB drive format or its contents is/are not compatible with the
system. (
≥ The USB host function of this product may not work with some USB
≥ USB devices with storage capacity of more than 32 GB may not work in
some instances.
Slow operation of the USB device.
Large file size or high memory USB device takes longer time to read and
display on the TV.
TV displays
The operation is prohibited by the unit or disc.
Only DVD-Video discs that include or have the same region number as
the one on the rear panel of this unit can be played. (
"No Video"
Depending on the connected iPod/iPhone, video menu may not be
available on the TV.
Select iPod/iPhone menu (iPod/iPhone LCD) mode (
video playback from your iPod/iPhone menu.
Cover page)
16) and operate


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