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Troubleshooting - Pioneer PDP-V402EA Operating Instructions Manual

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Incorrect operations are often mistaken for trouble and malfunctions. If you think that there is something wrong
with this component, check the points below. Sometimes the trouble may lie in another component. Inspect the
other components and electrical appliances being used. If the trouble cannot be rectified even after exercising the
checks listed below, ask your nearest PIONEER authorized service center or your dealer to carry out repair work.
The power of the Dis-
• The power plug
play cannot be turned
The power is shut off
• The temperature inside the Dis-
No image appears
• You have switched to a wrong in-
on the screen.
• You have not correctly connected
• You have not correctly adjusted
• The input signals are not accept-
• The G on SYNC mode switch is
The remote control
• The batteries are dead.
does not work.
• There is some obstacle between
• The remote control is outside its
• Due to the infrared rays dis-
The picture is too
• You have not correctly adjusted
dark. *
To prevent its panels and circuits, overheating when the surrounding temperature exceeds 40°C, this unit raises
the rotational speed of the fan automatically to cool the insides. (The fan rotation sound will become louder.)
The starting temperature of the above protection operation differs according to the images displayed, ventilation
conditions of the external environment, whether dust has accumulated in the vents of the Plasma Display, etc.
Use the Plasma Display in surrounding temperatures below 40°C.
To protect the panel drive circuit against unstable signal inputs, operations such as switching of inputs cannot
be performed until the input becomes stable again.
Consequently, if an equipment connected to the unit outputs unstable signals, it may not be possible to per-
form operations using the remote controller and buttons on the unit. This can be solved by disconnecting the
equipment outputting the unstable signal.
Possible Cause
is not inserted
into the outlet.
play has become too high (be-
cause vents have been covered).
the other necessary equipment to
the Display.
the picture/picture quality.
able for the unit.
set to ON although the G on SYNC
signal is not input to RGB-2.
the remote control and the remote
control sensor.
controllable range.
charged from the screen.
the picture/picture quality.
• Insert the power plug into the
• Remove obstacles covering the
• Clean vents on the side and
the rear.
• Switch to the correct input.
• Connect the other necessary
equipment properly to the Dis-
• Adjust correctly the picture/pic-
ture quality.
• Input signals which your
Plasma Display can receive.
• Set the G on SYNC mode
switch to OFF.
• Replace the batteries.
• Remove the obstacle between
the remote control and the re-
mote control sensor.
• Operate the remote control
within the controllable range.
• Do not place obstacles which
may reflect the infrared rays
near the Plasma Display.
• Adjust the brightness and con-
trast of the picture correctly.
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