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Ariston PH 720 RT Operating Instructions Manual page 9

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To obtain the best results from your hob:
• Use flat-bottomed pans to ensure that they adhere
to the cooking zone perfectly.
• Always use pans with a diameter that is large
enough to cover the hotplate fully, in order to use all
the available heat.
• Make sure that the bottom of the cookware is
always dry and clean to guarantee correct
adherence and long life, not only for the cooking
zones but also for the cookware itself.
• Avoid using the same cookware that is used on gas
burners: the heat concentration on gas burners may
deform the base of the pan, causing it not to adhere
• Never leave a cooking zone on without cookware
on it because as it heats up and rapidly reaches
the maximum level, which could damage the
heating elements.

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Table of Contents