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Ariston PH 720 RT Operating Instructions Manual page 4

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These pipes must be installed so that they are never longer
than 2000 mm when fully extended. Once connection has
been carried out, make sure that the flexible metal pipe
does not touch any moving parts and is not compressed.
! Only use pipes and seals that comply with current national
Checking the tightness of the connection
! When the installation process is complete, check the pipe
fittings for leaks using a soapy solution. Never use a flame.
Adapting to different types of gas
To adapt the hob to a different type of gas other than default
type (indicated on the rating plate at the base of the hob or
on the packaging), the burner nozzles should be replaced
as follows:
1. Remove the hob grids and slide the burners off their
2. Unscrew the nozzles using a 7 mm socket spanner, and
replace them with nozzles for the new type of gas (see
table 1 "Burner and nozzle characteristics").
3. Reassemble the parts following the above procedure in
the reverse order.
4. Once this procedure is finished, replace the old rating
sticker with one indicating the new type of gas used.
Sticker are available from any of our Service Centres.
Replacing the nozzles on separate "double flame "
1. remove the grids and slide the burners from their
housings. The burner consists of 2 separate parts ( see
figure );
2. unscrew the burers with a 7 mm wrench spanner. The
internal burner has a nozzle, the external burner has two
(of the same size). Replace the nozzle with models suited
to the new type of gas (see table 1).
3. replace all the components by repeating the steps in
reverse order.
• Adjusting the burners' primary air :
Does not require adjusting.
• Setting the burners to minimum:
1. Turn the tap to the low flame position.
2. Remove the knob and adjust
the adjustment screw, which is
positioned in or next to the tap pin,
until the flame is small but steady.
3. Having adjusted the flame to the required low setting,
while the burner is alight, quickly change the position of
the knob from minimum to maximum and vice versa
several times, checking that the flame does not go out.
4. Some appliances have a safety device (thermocouple)
fitted. If the device fails to work when the burners are set
to the low flame setting, increase this low flame setting
using the adjusting screw.
5. Once the adjustment has been made, replace the seals
on the by-passes using sealing wax or a similar
! If the appliance is connected to liquid gas, the regulation
screw must be fastened as tightly as possible.
! Once this procedure is finished, replace the old rating
sticker with one indicating the new type of gas used.
Stickers are available from any of our Service Centres.
! Should the gas pressure used be different (or vary slightly)
from the recommended pressure, a suitable pressure
regulator must be fitted to the inlet pipe (in order to comply
with current national regulations).
see data plate
This appliance conforms to the following
European Economic Community directives:
- 2006/95/EEC dated 12/12/06 (Low
Voltage) and subsequent amendments
- 2004/108/EEC dated 15/12/04
(Electromagnetic Compatibility) and
subsequent amendments
- 93/68/EEC dated 22/07/93 and
subsequent amendments.
- 2009/142/EEC dated 30/11/09 (Gas) and
subsequent amendments.
- 2002/96/EC and subsequent

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Table of Contents