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Maintenance And Care - Ariston PH 720 RT Operating Instructions Manual

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Maintenance and care

Switching the appliance off
Disconnect your appliance from the electricity supply
before carrying out any work on it.
Cleaning the appliance
! Do not use abrasive or corrosive detergents such as
stain removers, anti-rust products, powder detergents
or sponges with abrasive surfaces: these may scratch
the surface beyond repair.
! Never use steam cleaners or pressure cleaners on
the appliance.
• It is usually enough to wash the hob with a damp
sponge and dry it with absorbent kitchen roll.
• The removable parts of the burners should be
washed frequently with warm water and soap and
any burnt-on substances removed.
• For hobs which ligth automatically, the terminal part
of the electronic instant lighting devices should be
cleaned frequently and the gas outlet holes should
be checked for blockages.
• Stainless steel can be marked by hard water that
has been left on the surface for a long time, or by
aggressive detergents containing phosphorus.
After cleaning, rinse and dry any remaining drops
of water.
• Before using the ceramic glass module, the surface
must be cleaned, using a damp cloth to remove
dust or food residues. The ceramic glass surface
should be cleaned regularly with a soultion of warm
water and a non-
abrasive detergent.
Periodically, special
products will need to
be used to clean the
surface. First,
remove all food
buildup or grease
with a cleaning
scraper, e.g.
Clean the cooking surface when it is still warm with
a suitable cleaning product (such as the one in the
Solutions product line available from any After-
Sales Service Centre) and paper towels. Then rub
with a damp cloth and dry. Aluminum foil, plastic
items, objects made of synthetic material, sugar or
foods with a high sugar content that have melted
onto the surface must be removed immediatley
a scraper while the cooking surface is still hot.
Special cleaning products for ceramic glass
surfaces form a transparent protective layer which
fights diry buildup. This also protects the surface
from damage caused by food with a high sugar
content. Do not use
abrasive sponges or
cleaning products
under any
circumstances. This
holds true for
aggressive cleaners,
like oven sprays and
stain removers.
Gas tap maintenance
Over time, the taps may become jammed or difficult to
turn. If this happens, the tap must be replaced.
! This procedure must be performed by a qualified
technician authorised by the manufacturer.
immediatley with

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Table of Contents