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• Set the MR from System Operation mode to Standalone Operation mode.
The MR is normally set to System Operation mode. If the MR is turned on in this mode, an error warning is issued
(the red and blue LEDs alternately flash), and it cannot be operated properly.
To change to Standalone Operation mode, proceed as follows:
[With an RS-232C command]
1. Turn the MR on. (The red and blue LEDs alternately flash to warn of an error.)
2. In this state, send the MRMS01 command via RS-232C ports.
3. Turn the MR off.
When the MR is turned on next time or after, it will be in Standalone Operation mode.
[With the keys on the MR]
1. Set the MR to Standby mode.
2. Press and hold the INPUT key of the MR pressed for at least 5 seconds.
(This step is for giving a startup trigger in a case where the MR was in Passive Standby mode.)
3. Within 5 seconds after the INPUT key is released, press and hold the CHANNEL - key of the MR for at least 10 seconds.
4. After the modes are changed, the red LED flashes twice then is lit (the unit enters Normal Standby mode).
5. Turn the unit off.
When the MR is turned on next time or after, it will be in Standalone Operation mode.
After the setting in Preparation is completed, turn the units on in the following order then perform analysis:
1. Turn the monitor or TV on. (Set the input mode to HDMI.)
2. Turn the DP-to-HDMI conversion jig on.
3. Turn the MR on.
If no image is displayed on the monitor or TV after the MR is turned on, press and hold the switch on the DP-to-HDMI
conversion jig for about 1 sec.
How to control the MR
• With the remote control unit:
The infrared receiver (IR) sensor for remote control unit is placed inside of the jig. Please point the remote towards
the AC adaptor connector on the jig.
Unlike normal products, sensor reception of this tool is not so sensitive due to reduce interference with another Pioneer
Plasma TV.
Please keep the distance between the remote control unit and the sensor less than 15cm.
• With RS-232C commands:
Connect a PC to the MR via their RS-232C ports and send RS-232C commands from the PC. (Baud rate: 9600 bps)


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