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Introduction; Features - D-Link DHP-310AV User Manual

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Section 1 - Product Overview


D-Link announces a fast, 200Mbps* PowerLine AV Mini Adapter which allows you to connect your home computers, networking
devices and gaming devices through the most pervasive medium in your house - the electric powerLines - and share Internet
connections, printers, transfer files, play games, and more.


• Provides Ethernet to PowerLine Connection
• Fast Data Transfer Rate of Up to 200Mbps*
• One Ethernet port
• Plug & Play, Easy Installation
• Push Button Security
* Maximum throughput based on theoretical transmission PHY rate. Actual date throughput will vary. Network conditions and environmental factors, including volume of traffic
and network overhead, may lower actual data throughput rate. Interference from devices that emit electrical noise, such as vacuum cleaners and hair dryers, may adversely affect
the performance of this product. This product may interfere with devices such as lighting systems that have a dimmer switch, short wave radios, or other powerLine devices that
do not follow the HomePlug AV and IEEE1901 standard.
D-Link DHP-310AV User Manual



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