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Troubleshooting - D-Link DHP-310AV User Manual

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Section 5 - Troubleshooting
• PowerLine AV utility does not start correctly:
Reinstall the utility.
• PowerLine AV utility does not detect the PowerLine AV Mini Adapter:
Please make sure your PowerLine AV Mini Adapter is correctly plugged and connected to the computer or network device.
• I can't configure any parameter of the PowerLine AV Mini Adapter, an error is shown when I try to configure it:
Please make sure you have not unplugged the PowerLine AV Mini Adapter while configuring it.
• I changed the connection cable to another Mini Adapter and now the utility does not work correctly:
Please restart the utility each time you disconnect the connection cable.
• I'm having a lot of problems configuring my network:
If you are having problems configuring your network with two or more PowerLine AV Mini Adapters, please make a reset to all of the Mini Adapters
and start configuring the adapters again. To test whether the electrical wiring is contributing to the problem, plug the PowerLine adapters in the
same room.
D-Link DHP-310AV User Manual





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