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Installation Considerations; Powerline Installation Considerations - D-Link DHP-310AV User Manual

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Section 4 - Installation Considerations

PowerLine Installation Considerations

Plan the location of your PowerLine devices:
1. Connect PowerLine devices to electrical outlets that are not controlled by a wall
switch to avoid accidentally turning off power to the device.
2. Do not connect the PowerLine devices to an extension cord, surge protector, or
power strip as this might prevent it from working correctly, or reduce the network
3. Avoid using the PowerLine devices in an electrical outlet that is located near an
appliance that uses a lot of power, such as a washer or dryer, or a refrigerator. This
may prevent the adapter from working correctly, or negatively impact network
4. Verify that your PowerLine devices are electrically rated to operate with the power available in your location.
5. To help prevent against electrical shock, be sure to plug the power cables into properly grounded electrical outlets.
6. The PowerLine device is equipped with a three-pronged plug to help ensure proper grounding. Do not use adapter
plugs or remove the grounding prong from the cable.
D-Link DHP-310AV User Manual



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