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Push Button Security - D-Link DHP-310AV User Manual

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Section 2 - Installation

Push Button Security

Understanding PowerLine AV Mini Adapter Security
The PowerLine AV Mini Adapters on the same network must use an identical encryption key. The default encryption key of each
PowerLine AV Mini Adapter is HomePlug AV. All PowerLine AV Mini Adapters with default encryption key can communicate
with each other.
It's recommended to create a private encryption key for network security purpose. The private encryption key allows you to
protect your network from unauthorized access via the PowerLine network. To create a private encryption key instead of the
default encryption key, please follow below steps:
1. All Adapters
Plug in all the adapters to be configured and make sure each device's encryption key is set to HomePlug AV (default value). If
the encryption key is not set to the default value, press the reset button for 1 second for resetting it to the default value.
2. First Adapter
Press Simple connect button of the first adapter for no more than three seconds.
The Power LED will start blinking after you release the button. The adapter will create a private, randomly generated encryption
key that each PowerLine AV Mini Adapter will use.
3. Second Adapter
D-Link DHP-310AV User Manual



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