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Black & Decker BC40 Instruction Manual page 26

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Warning! identify conditions that may result in personal
injury or loss of life.
Cautions! identify conditions or practices that may
damage the unit or other equipment.
Warning! This guide contains important and
operating instructions in how to use the charger to
recharge 12V batteries. Read this guide fully for safe
operation of this charger.
1. This appliance is not intended for use by persons with
reduced physical sensory or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have
been given supervision or instruction concerning use
of the appliance by a person responsible for their
2. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do
not play with the appliance!
3. Do not expose the charger to moisture, rain, or snow.
4. Use of an attachment not recommended by the
battery charger manufacturer may result in a risk
of fire, electric, shock, or injury to persons.
5. To reduce risk of damage to electric plug and cord,
pull by plug rather than cord when disconnecting the
6. An extension cord should not be used unless
absolutely necessary. Use of an improper extension
cord could result in a risk of fire and electric shock. If
an extension cord must be used, make sure that:
f pins on plug of the extension cord are the same
number, size, and shape as those of the plug on
the charger;
The voltage of the battery is lower
than 10V after 10 minutes charged.
After 5 times recondition , the
battery's voltage still under 13V when
charger goes into float charge and
detect the battery in one minute.
The voltage between the two clamps
is higher than 18V during charging.
The charge current is too high.
The temperature of the charger core
is too high.
f the extension cord is properly wired and in good
electrical condition; and
f wire sizes match the charger.
7. Do not operate the charger with damaged cord or
plug-have the cord or plug replaced.
8. Do not operate the charger if it has received a sharp
blow, been dropped, or otherwise damaged in any
way; contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement.
9. Do not disassemble the charger. Incorrect reassembly
may result in shock or fire hazard.
10. To reduce risk of electric shock, unplug the charger
from the electric outlet before attempting any
maintenance or cleaning.
Display Panel: It can indicate present voltage,
present current, present battery capacity or wrong
condition code. The meanings of the codes and the
solutions are enumerated in the table.
With AC power input, when not connected to the
battery, the charger shows that there is no power
output with the display panel present "000". After
connected to the battery, the panel will display the
battery information according your choice. When
battery being full charged,the panel displays "FUL",
the panel will displays "FUL".
When error occurs, the panel displays error code.
The meanings of the codes and the solutions are
enumerated in the table. With the table, you can settle
some common problems easily.
There is short circuit in the
There is load connected to the
Recondition the battery.
The voltage between the two
clamps is too high.
It happens when the high-power
load is connected to the battery.
It happens in the ambience
where the charger works with
high temperature.
Replace the battery. Dispose
of the defective battery in a
suitable manner.
Disconnect the load from the
Check whether the voltage of
the battery is 12V or 24V?
Charge the battery again.
The charger can rework
automatically after cooling.


Table of Contents

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