Specific Safety Rules - Black & Decker SZ360 Instruction Manual

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635381-00 01 SZ360 Scissors
persons. Tools are dangerous in the hands of untrained users.
Supervise the use of this tool by children.
• When battery pack is not in use, keep it away from other metal
objects like: paper clips, coins, keys, nails, screws or other
small metal objects that can make a connection from one
terminal to another. Shorting the battery terminals together may
cause sparks, burns, or a fire.
• Maintain tools with care. Keep cutting tools sharp and clean.
Properly maintained tools, with sharp cutting edge are less likely to
bind and are easier to control.
• Check for misalignment or binding of moving parts, breakage
of parts, and any other condition that may affect the tool's
operation. If damaged, have the tool serviced before using.
Many accidents are caused by poorly maintained tools.
• Use only accessories that are recommended by the
manufacturer for your model. Accessories that may be suitable
for one tool may create a risk of injury when used on another tool.
• Tool service must be performed only by qualified repair
personnel. Service or maintenance performed by unqualified
personnel may result in a risk of injury.
• When servicing a tool, use only identical replacement parts.
Follow instructions in the Maintenance section of this manual.
Use of unauthorized parts or failure to follow Maintenance
Instructions may create a risk of shock or injury.

Specific Safety Rules

• Hold tool by insulated gripping surfaces when performing an
operation where the cutting tool may contact hidden wiring.
Contact with a "live" wire will also make exposed metal parts of the
tool "live" and shock the operator.
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Safety Warnings and Instructions: Charging
1. This manual contains important safety and operating
2. Before using battery charger, read all instructions and cautionary
3. Do not expose charger to rain or snow.
4. Use of an attachment not recommended or sold by Black &
5. To reduce risk of damage to electric plug and cord, pull by plug
6. Make sure cord is located so that it will not be stepped on,
7. An extension cord should not be used unless absolutely
a. Two-wire cords can be used with 2-wire or 3-wire extension
b. An extension cord must have adequate wire size (AW or
warnings on battery charger and product using battery.
CAUTION: To reduce the risk of injury, use charger only with
this product. Batteries in other products may burst causing
personal injury or damage.
Decker may result in a risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to
rather than cord when disconnecting charger.
tripped over, or otherwise subjected to damage or stress.
necessary. Use of improper extension cord could result in a risk
of fire, electric shock or electrocution.
cords. Only round jacketed extension cords should be used,
and we recommend that they be listed by Underwriters
Laboratories (U.L.). If the extension is to be used outside, the
cord must be suitable for outdoor use. Any cord marked for
outdoor use can also be used for indoor work. The letters "W" or
"WA" on the cord jacket indicate that the cord is suitable for
outdoor use.
American Wire Gauge) for safety, and to prevent loss of power
and overheating. The smaller the gauge number of the wire, the
greater the capacity of the cable; that is, 16 gauge has more
capacity than 18 gauge. When using more than one extension to
make up the total length, be sure each extension contains at
least the minimum wire size.

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