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Setting The Jumpers - Sony CDU701 User Manual

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Setting the Jumpers

Notes for configuration jumpers:
Set the jumper s on the rear of the drive in accor
configuration of y
our computer system.
The jumpers are preset at the "MASTER" position as illustrated at
the factor y.
• Designation of the Drive Number is generally set by inserting a
jumper pin on either the MASTER or the SLAVE pin.
• When the CDU701 is daisy-chained with a Hard Disk Drive on an
IDE Card, set the Hard Disk Drive as MASTER and the CDU701
• If the CDU701 is the only device connected to the IDE Card, set
the CDU701 as MASTER.
However, it should be noted that some per
CSEL in lieu of the f oresaid MASTER/SLA VE selection. In this
case , remo ve the e xisting jumper s fr om MASTER and SLA VE, and
set a jumper on CSEL.
connector is set lo
w, the drive is designated as Drive 0.
CSEL is set high,
the drive is designated as Drive 1.
Consult y our PC man ufacturer , IDE Car d man ufacturer or dealer f
further details.
When the CSEL signal of the interface
Installing the Drive Unit into the Computer
dance with the
sonal computer
s ma y use
When the


Table of Contents

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