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Maintenance And Service - Bosch 0 607 154 Series Original Instructions Manual

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Applies for the
0 607 ...
following types:
... 153 5.. | ... 160 5..
– To switch on the pneumatic tool, press the On/Off switch
7 and keep it pressed during the working procedure.
– To switch off the pneumatic tool, release the On/Off
switch 7.
Applies for the
0 607 ...
following types:
... 161 5..
– To switch on the pneumatic tool, press either the top or
bottom part of the two-piece On/Off switch 7 and keep it
pressed during the working procedure.
– To switch off the pneumatic tool, release the On/Off
switch 7.
Reversing the Rotational Direction (see figure I)
Applies for the
0 607 ...
following types:
... 160 509 | .. 160 511
– Right rotation: Push the rotational direction switch 32
rightward to the stop.
– Left rotation: Push the rotational direction switch 32 left-
ward to the stop.
Working Advice
Sudden loads cause a sharp drop in speed or a complete stop,
yet do not cause damage to the motor.

Maintenance and Service

Maintenance and Cleaning
If the pneumatic tool should fail despite the care taken in man-
ufacture and testing, repair should be carried out by an au-
thorised customer services agent for Bosch power tools.
In all correspondence and spare parts orders, please always
include the 10-digit article number given on the type plate of
the pneumatic tool.
Have maintenance and repair work carried out only
through qualified persons. This will ensure that the safe-
ty of the pneumatic tool is maintained.
An authorized Bosch after-sales service agent will carry out
this work quickly and reliably.
Regular Cleaning
– Clean the sieve at the air intake of the pneumatic tool regu-
larly. For this, unscrew the hose fitting 5 and remove any
dust and debris from the sieve. Afterwards, retighten the
hose fitting again.
Note: To avoid damage to interior valve components of the
pneumatic tool when screwing hose fitting 5 in or out, it is rec-
ommended to counter-hold the projecting connection socket
of air intake 20 with an open-end wrench (size 22 mm).
– Water and debris particles in the compressed air cause
rust and lead to wear of plates, valves etc. To prevent this,
fill several drops of engine oil into the air intake 20. Recon-
nect the pneumatic tool to the air supply (see "Connecting
the Air Supply", page 25) and run it for 5–10 seconds,
while catching/picking up the escaping oil with a cloth. Al-
ways carry out this procedure when not using the pneu-
matic tool for a longer period of time.
3 609 929 C24 | (24.1.12)
Scheduled Maintenance
– Clean the gearbox after the first 150 running hours using a
mild solvent. Follow the solvent manufacturers directions
for use and disposal. Lubricate the gearbox using Bosch
gearbox lube. Repeat the lubrication procedure every
300 hours after the initial gearbox service.
Special gearbox grease (225 ml)
Article number 3 605 430 009
– The motor plates should be checked regularly by special-
ised personnel and replaced, if required.
Lubrication of Pneumatic Tools that do not belong to the
CLEAN Product Line
For all Bosch pneumatic tools that do not belong to the CLEAN
product line (these have a special type of compressed-air mo-
tor that functions with oil-free compressed air), oil mist
should be added continuously to the flowing-through com-
pressed air. The compressed-air oiler required for this is in-
cluded in the compressed-air service unit on the line side of
the pneumatic tool (for more details, please refer to the com-
pressor manufacturer).
For direct lubrication of the pneumatic tool or admixtures to
the service unit, use SAE 10 or SAE 20 engine oil.
All compressed-air drills can be equipped with key-type drill
chucks or keyless chucks.
Information about the complete quality accessory program
can be found on the Internet at and or at your dealer.
After-sales Service and Customer Assistance
Robert Bosch GmbH is responsible for the delivery of this
product in accordance with the sales contract within the
framework of the legal/country-specific regulations. For
claims with respect to the product, please contact the follow-
ing location:
Fax: +49 (711) 7 58 24 36
The pneumatic tool, accessories and packaging should be
sorted for environmental-friendly recycling.
Observe all applicable environmental regulations when
disposing of old grease and solvents.
Dispose of motor plates according to regulations! Mo-
tor plates contain Teflon. Do not heat them beyond
400 °C, otherwise vapours hazardous to one's health can
If your pneumatic tool can no longer be used, deliver it to a re-
cycling centre or return it to a dealer – for example, an author-
ized Bosch after-sales service agent.
Subject to change without notice.
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