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General Notes - Siemens 6FL7171-8AD Operating Instructions Manual

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General notes

The SIPORT ID-card readers AR6331-CP and AR6332-CP (with keypad), are new proximity
ID-Card readers in a Mullion housing, part of the new SIPORT Access reader range. The
readers read proximity CerPass ID-card (125 kHz technology). The new Mullion Access
Reader Design has been created as a simple device for wall mounting.
The identification card readers are connected via the door controller CC30xx to the CerPass
or via DC2000 to SIPORT NT Access control systems. The reader AR6331-CP and AR6332-
CP (with keypad) read the serial number of CerPass proximity ID-Cards. The card number
will be transmitted to the CerPass or SIPORT NT Access control system for processing.
The identification card readers have to be mounted on a surface as even as possible. In the
top case of the housing is the connector terminal for the connection to the door control unit
CC30xx / DC2000.
The identification card readers AR6331-CP and AR6332-CP have to be connected via a
RS485 bus-interface, 2-wire, to reader interface of an door controller CC30xx / DC2000. For
that a 4-wire, twisted pair, shielded cable is required, one pair for the 2-wire RS485 partyline
and the other pair for power supply of the reader. Max. 4 identification card readers can be
connected to one DC2000 door control unit. Up to 8 identification card readers can be
connected to one CC30xx door control unit The maximum allowed distance between the
door controller and the identification card reader is 50 m. The door management and
monitoring is controlled by the door control unit.
The data transmission of the system from the usercards to the identification card readers is
based on a electro-magnetic field, which is created by the aerial of the identification card
reader. If the ID-card is approximated to the electromagnetic field of the reader-aerial , it is
supplied with energy and sends its personalised data. The data is received by the reader-
The reading range of the identification card readers AR6331-CP and AR6332-CP, depending
on the kind of the arrangement and material the reader is mounted on, is up to 70 mm. The
kind of the transponder ID-card has also an important influence to the reading distance; e.g.
ID-card, keyfob, etc.. Electrical leading materials, like metal and metalized glass surfaces,
can influence the spatial spreading of the electro-magnetic fieldlines. The lateral distance
between the identification card reader and metallic objects must be at least 30 cm.
Otherwise, the reading range is reduced.
The spatial distance to neighboured identification card readers should not be less than 50
cm, to prevent mutual influence of the electro-magnetic fields and data transmission
problems. Attention should also be paid to install the identification card readers not near to
computer-terminals, TV sets and so on, because of the negative influence to the range area.
If the identification card reader is mounted on metal walls or metalized glass surfaces, the
reading range can be reduced.
The whole electronic together with the transmit / receive-antenna is housed in a shockproof
plastic case.
Installation according to the type of protection IP65 (only with seal; alternatively, the hole can
be sealed with silicone before the screw is inserted (reader housing must be closed)). Avoid
installing the reader in places where it is subject to direct sunlight.
The reader has 3 LED's in the colours yellow, green and red and an internal buzzer.
For the keypad operation with the reader AR6332-CP please note: Connecting the
reader to a door control unit CC30xx the PIN can be entered either before or after the
card (card follows PIN, PIN follows card). Connecting the reader to a DC2000 door
control unit the PIN has to be entered before the card (card follows PIN). Keypad
operates only with DC2000 Firmware - version above 2.0!
Operating instructions card reader AR6331-CP / AR6332-CP
Order no.: A24205-A335-H050



Table of Contents

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