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Safety Regulations And Warnings - Siemens 6FL7171-8AD Operating Instructions Manual

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Safety regulations and warnings

The unit must only be used for the purpose intended by the manufacturer.
When used within the EU, only in the following countries:
Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Holland, Portugal,
Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Luxemburg.
The operating instructions must be kept to hand and made available to every user.
Unauthorized changes and the use of spare parts and accessories which are not sold or
recommended by the manufacturer of the unit could cause fire, electric shock or injury.
Therefore, such measures will result in a renunciation of liability and the manufacturer
will not accept any guarantee claims.
The manufacturer's guarantee terms in the version valid at the time of the sale are
applicable to the unit. No liability will be accepted for unsuitably or incorrectly set
parameters – whether automatic or manual – or for inappropriate use of the unit.
All repairs must be carried out by the manufacturer.
The user is responsible for ensuring that the unit is set up and connected in accordance
with the recognized technical regulations in the country of installation and any other
guidelines valid in the relevant region.
Before opening the unit, always switch off the power supply and take measurements to
ensure that there is no power to the unit.
If an operating display goes out, this does not necessarily mean that the unit is
disconnected from the mains and has no power. If you are working on an open device,
remember that live components may be exposed.
Operating instructions card reader AR6331-CP / AR6332-CP
Order no.: A24205-A335-H050



Table of Contents

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