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Making And Answering Calls; Making And Answering Calls Making A Call; Making An International Call - Hitachi WOO H001 Basic Manual

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Making and Answering Calls

Making a Call
When the standby screen is displayed, use 0
to 9 to enter a phone number.
When calling to a fixed-line phone, you also need to enter
the area code.
Press N.
To end the call, press F.
After you enter a phone number, you can add 184 or
186 to the phone number as follows:
to select Add Special No. and then press
to select 184 or 186 and then press
184: When you do not want to inform the other party of
your phone number.
186: When you want to inform the other party of your
phone number.
You can not make call in Wide open position.

Making an International Call

au International Call Service
Available without any additional application
Example: To call 212-123-△△△△ in the USA
Press 005345.
International access code
Press 1.
Country code (USA)
Press 212.
Area code
Press 123△△△△.
Press N.
Calling charges for this service are added to monthly
cell phone calling charges and billed together.
Check the country code at the au Customer Service
For charges, refer to au MOBILE PHONE SERVICE
GUIDE or au Customer Service Center.
Phone number