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Receiving Traffic Announcements; Ta/tp - Sony CDX-CA900 Operating Instructions Manual

Fm/mw/lw cd player.
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For stations without alternative
Press < or , while the station name
is flashing (within 8 seconds).
The unit starts searching for another
frequency with the same PI (Programme
Identification) data ("PI Seek" appears).
If the unit cannot find the same PI, the unit
returns to the previously selected frequency.
Staying with one regional programme
When the AF function is on: this unit's factory
setting restricts reception to a specific region, so
you won't be switched to another regional station
with a stronger frequency.
If you leave this regional programme's reception
area and would like to take advantage of the
whole AF function, select "Regional·off" from
the Menu (page 22).
This function does not work in the United Kingdom
and in some other areas.
Local Link function
(United Kingdom only)
This function enables you to select other local
stations in the area, even if they are not stored on
your number buttons.
Press a number button ((1) to (6))
that has a local station stored on it.
Within 5 seconds, press the number
button of the local station again.
Repeat this procedure until the
desired local station is received.
Receiving traffic


By activating the Traffic Announcement (TA)
and Traffic Programme (TP), you can
automatically receive FM station broadcast
traffic announcements as they occur. These
settings function regardless of the current FM
programme/source, CD/MD; the unit switches
back to the original source when the bulletin is
Press (TA) repeatedly until
"TA········on" appears.
The unit starts searching for traffic
information stations.
"TP" indicates reception of such stations, and
"TA" flashes during an actual traffic
announcement. The unit will continue
searching for stations available with TP if
"NO TP" is indicated.
To cancel all traffic announcements, select
Cancel current
You can also cancel a current announcement by
pressing (SOURCE) or (MODE).
Presetting the volume level of traffic
You can preset the volume level of the traffic
announcements so you won't miss hearing them.
Press (VOL) to adjust the desired
volume level.
Press (TA) for 2 seconds.
"TA" appears and the setting is stored.
Receiving emergency announcements
If either AF or TA is on, the unit will switch to
emergency announcements, if one comes in
while listening to an FM station or CD/MD.



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