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First Steps; Check The Pack Contents; Connecting The Base Station - Gigaset AS180 Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents

First steps

Check the pack contents

one Gigaset AS180/AS180DUO base station,
one mains adapter,
one Gigaset AS18H handsets,
one phone cords,
two batteries,
one battery cover,
one user guide.
If you have purchased a model with multiple handsets, the package should contain
two batteries, a battery cover and a charging cradle with mains adapter for each additional
Setting up the base station and charging cradle (if included)
The base station and charging cradle are designed for use in enclosed dry rooms with a tem-
perature range of +5°C to +45°C.
Set up the base station at a central location on a flat, non-slip surface in your house or
Pay attention to the range of the base station.
This is up to 300 m in unobstructed outdoor areas and up to 50 m inside buildings.
The range is reduced when Eco Mode (
The phone's feet do not usually leave any marks on surfaces. However, due to the multitude of
different varnishes and polishes used on today's furnishings, the occurrence of marks on the
surfaces cannot be completely ruled out.
You can also mount the base station and charging cradle on the wall.
Please note:
Never expose the telephone to the influence of heat sources, direct sunlight or other elec-
trical devices.
Protect your Gigaset from moisture, dust, corrosive liquids and vapours.

Connecting the base station

First connect the mains adapter 1.
Then connect the telephone jack
insert the cables into the cable ducts.
Please note:
The mains adapter must always be con-
nected, as the phone will not operate
without mains connection.
Only use the mains adapter and
phone cord supplied. Pin connections
on telephone cables can vary.
Please note
page 13) is activated.


Table of Contents

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