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MAGIMIX Pixie M110 Nespresso Instruction Manual page 7

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ovens, gas burners, open flame, or
• Always place it on a horizontal, stable
and even surface. The surface must be
resistant to heat and fluids, like water,
coffee, descaler or similar.
• Disconnect the appliance from the
mains when not in use for a long
period. Disconnect by pulling out the
plug and not by pulling the cord itself
or the cord may become damaged.
• Before cleaning and servicing, remove
the plug from the mains socket and
let the appliance cool down.
• Never touch the cord with wet hands.
• Never immerse the appliance or part
of it in water or other liquid.
• Never put the appliance or part of it in
a dishwasher.
• Electricity and water together is
dangerous and can lead to fatal
electrical shocks.
• Do not open the appliance.
Hazardous voltage inside!
• Do not put anything into any
openings. Doing so may cause fire or
electrical shock!
7346_Nes_UM_PIXIE_2013_LEG.indd 7
Avoid possible harm when
operating the appliance
• Never leave the appliance unattended
during operation.
• Do not use the appliance if it is
damaged or not operating perfectly.
Immediately remove the plug
from the power socket. Contact
the Nespresso Club or Nespresso
authorized representative for
examination, repair or adjustment.
• A damaged appliance can cause
electrical shocks, burns and fire.
• Always completely close the lever
and never lift it during operation.
Scalding may occur.
• Do not put fingers under coffee
outlet, risk of scalding.
• Do not put fingers into capsule
compartment or the capsule shaft.
Danger of injury!
• Water could flow around a capsule
when not perforated by the blades
and damage the appliance.
• Never use a damaged or deformed
capsule. If a capsule is blocked in
the capsule compartment, turn the
machine off and unplug it before any
operation. Call the Nespresso Club or
Nespresso authorized representative.
• Always fill the water tank with cold,
fresh drinking water.
• Empty water tank if the appliance
will not be used for an extended time
(holidays, etc.).
• Replace water in water tank when
the appliance is not operated for a
weekend or a similar period of time.
• Do not use the appliance without the
drip tray and drip grid to avoid spilling
any liquid on surrounding surfaces.
• Do not use any strong cleaning agent
or solvent cleaner. Use a damp cloth
and mild cleaning agent to clean the
surface of the appliance.
• To clean machine, use only clean
cleaning tools.
• When unpacking the machine,
remove the plastic film and dispose.
• This appliance is designed for
Nespresso coffee capsules available
exclusively through the Nespresso
Club or your Nespresso authorized
• All Nespresso appliances pass
stringent controls. Reliability tests
under practical conditions are
performed randomly on selected
units. This can show traces of any
previous use.
• Nespresso reserves the right to change
instructions without prior notice.
• Nespresso descaling agent, when
used correctly, helps ensure the
proper functioning of your machine
over its lifetime and that your coffee
experience is as perfect as the first
day. For the correct amount and
procedure to follow, consult the user
manual included in the Nespresso
descaling kit.
Pass them on to any
subsequent user.
This instruction manual is also
available as a PDF at
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