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To Switch The Connection Mode On The Adapter; Resetting The Adapter; References; Troubleshooting - Kenwood KCA-WL100 Instruction Manual

Wireless display adapter
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Operating a device using wireless connection
Operating a device using wireless connection

To switch the connection mode on the adapter

For some AV receivers, the connection mode cannot be selected on
the AV receiver. Use the mode switch/reset button on the adapter
to switch the connection mode between "Wireless Mirroring" and
"Wireless Link".
Mode switch/reset button
• Each time you press the button, the connection mode is switched.

Resetting the adapter

If the adapter fails to operate properly, press and hold the mode
switch/reset button.
Mode switch/reset button
The settings are initialized. (The password is reset to "12345678".)




What appears to be trouble is not always serious. Check the
following points before calling a service center.
• For operations with the Android devices connecting via Wi-Fi,
refer also to the instruction manuals supplied with the devices.
The playback screen is unstable.
• Check whether there is any obstructions between the adapter and
the Android device.
• Shorten the distance between the adapter and the Android
"No Signal" is displayed on the AV receiver.
• Connect the adapter to the AV receiver firmly.
• Connect the power supply box to the adapter firmly.
The connection between the Android device and adapter is
disconnected during playback.
• Energy save function is working on the connected Android device.
Deactivate the energy save function.
The adapter cannot be found on the Wi-Fi or AP SSID list.
• Shorten the distance between the adapter and the device.
You cannot connect to the Internet.
• For some Android devices, Internet connection via Wi-Fi or 3G
network cannot be established while connecting to the adapter.
You forgot the password for connection.
• Try the initial password "12345678."
• Reset the adapter. (See the left column.)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents