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Gigaset E365 - More Than Just A Telephone; First Steps; Package Contents; Installing The Base Station - Siemens Gigaset E365 Manual

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Gigaset E365 – more than just a telephone
Gigaset E365 –
more than just a telephone
Your phone not only enables you to store
up to 100 telephone numbers (page 21),
it can do a whole lot more:
You can program the keys of your
phone with important phone numbers.
A programmed number is then dialed
by simply pressing the corresponding
key (page 22).
Use the handsfree function (page 18)
to keep your hands free when making a
Use your handset as an alarm clock
(page 33)
Select 12- or 24-hour format for dis-
playing the time (page 14).
ECO DECT – What does it mean?
ECO DECT reduces power consumption
by using a power supply with low power
consumption and also reduces the trans-
mission power of the base station when
the handset is docked and only one hand-
set is registered on the base station.
Also, your handset automatically reduces
transmitting power depending on its dis-
tance to the base station (close-up
Have fun using your new phone!

First steps

Package contents

The product includes one Gigaset E365
base station, one handset, one power
adapter, one telephone cable, two batter-
ies, one battery cover, one belt clip and a
user guide.

Installing the base station

The base station is designed for use in dry
rooms in a temperature range of +41°F to
Set up or wall mount the base station at a
central location in your home.
Please refer to the end of the user guide
for information on wall mounting the base
Please remember:
Never expose the telephone to heat
sources, direct sunlight, other electrical
Protect your telephone from moisture,
dust, corrosive liquids, and fumes.



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