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Controls And Operations; Ipod Dock - Yamaha PDX-31 Owner's Manual

Portable player dock
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, etc.) shown here refer to the identifiers used in the Quick Manual. Refer to the Quick Manual.

iPod Dock

Connects an iPhone/iPod to the unit. When the iPhone/iPod is connected, the unit turns on and begins charging the iPhone/iPod's
To listen to music through the unit's speakers, begin playback on the iPhone/iPod.
The iPhone/iPod can be connected or disconnected anytime. When the iPhone/iPod is disconnected from the unit, the unit
remembers the volume level. When the iPhone/iPod is connected again, the volume is set at the same level.
N ot es
Be sure to use a Dock adapter that is compatible with your iPhone/iPod.
If you do not use an adapter or if the adapter is not compatible, the connection could be loose or poor, which could cause
damage or malfunctions.
The iPhone/iPod may not be set in the iPod dock securely if it is in its protective case.
Connects an external device to the unit. When the external device is connected, the unit turns on.
To listen to music through the unit's speakers, begin playback on the external device.
To connect an external device to the unit, use a commercially available 3.5 mm (1/8 in) stereo mini plug cable.
N o t e
When disconnecting the external device, be sure to remove the cable from AUX. Otherwise, the unit will remain on while the
cable is connected.
(Volume keys)
Adjust the volume level.
If the volume was set at a high level when the iPhone/iPod or external device was disconnected, the volume may be lowered
automatically when playback begins.
When the AC adaptor is disconnected, the volume level will be reset to the default volume level.
(AC Adaptor)
Connects the AC adaptor to the unit.



Table of Contents

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