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Subwoofer Controls - Athena C1 Owner's Manual

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Now continue on to the connection section, and be sure to read
the "Subwoofer Controls" section to adjust the controls correctly for
use with your chosen speaker model.
NOTE: Do not dispose of the plastic cover from the subwoofer top.
It can be used on the subwoofer's front to cover the operational
controls if you wish. It attaches like a speaker grille into the four
recessed holes on the amplifier module.
Subwoofer placement when
used as a stand alone subwoofer
The Athena Technologies
subwoofer can be placed virtually
anywhere in your listening room without significantly affecting the
stereo image of your main speakers. However, interactions between
any subwoofer and a room's acoustic properties will have some
impact on the overall bass performance. Reading this section will
help you find a placement for the subwoofer in your room, which
will yield the best bass performance.
Start off by placing the subwoofer near a corner, which will
produce maximum bass output, but may result in a "boomy" bass
reproduction. Move the subwoofer away from the corner in stages
to find the position that yields maximum bass output without
An effective method of determining the ideal subwoofer location
is to place the subwoofer in your preferred listening position. Then,
slowly walk the boundaries of the room until you've determined the
spot where bass is at it's fullest. Switch positions between yourself
and the subwoofer and the ideal location has been located.
It is important to leave at least 4 inches (10cm) of clearance
space between the subwoofer and walls or room furnishings.
CAUTION: On the subwoofer, do not use both low level (RCA) and
high level (Speaker type connections) methods simultaneously.
Turn off all power in your stereo system before proceeding with
the installation of the subwoofer.Not doing so could result could
result in shorting from the speakers leads and potential damage to
the amplifier.
High Level connecting the Subwoofer and Speakers
On the rear of your Athena Technologies
pairs of red and black binding posts for both left and right channel.
One set is marked "Sub In" and one set is marked "Spkr Out",
with each pair designated as left or right. Each post is color-coded
black/red. These terminals will accept up to 16-gauge quality
speaker wire.
Connect the system one channel at a time, and start your
process at the Receiver. Connect from the "Speaker Output" on
the Receiver to the "Sub In" on the subwoofer, being careful to
correctly match positive and negative, as well as left and right
A) If you have a pair of Athena Technologies
speakers, and they are docked as per earlier instructions, connect
the speaker cable from the Receiver to the "Left Sub-In" on the
subwoofer on both left and right speakers. As long as each speaker
is docked correctly to the subwoofer, and the connection strap
between the upper and lower connectors on the subwoofer are in
place, then the speaker will receive the audio signal, eliminating the
need to connect any cables directly to the speaker
of Athena Technologies
docked to one of the subwoofers, then perform the following steps:
NOTE: The following example assumes the left speaker has the
subwoofer docked to it. This is our recommendation as it is easier
to understand. If however you wish to dock the subwoofer to the
right speaker, you must reverse the below connections as far as
left and right are concerned.
the "Left Sub In" on the subwoofer. As long as the gold connection
strap is in place between the upper and lower connectors, then the
speaker will receive the correct audio signal.
the "Right Sub In" on the subwoofer. Then connect another speaker
cable from "Right Spkr Out" on the subwoofer, to the right channel
black), you will notice a severe lack of bass from your speakers. This
is called wiring the system "Out of Phase". If this occurs, check the
wiring and re-connect as necessary.
subwoofer, simply connect the speaker cables from the Receiver to
the connectors on the back of the speaker as follows.
the amp to the positive (RED+) terminal on the speaker. Connect
the negative (BLACK-) terminal on the amplifier to the negative
(BLACK-) terminal on the speaker.
speaker wire is the only contact the speaker has with the amplifier.
If thin, low quality cable, such as "lamp cord" is used, then the
overall sound quality will suffer. This is true, particularly in lengths of
10 feet or more, so we strongly recommend the use of high quality
speaker cable to obtain the best performance from your speakers.
processor, or crossover.
subwoofer are two
pre-amp signals from your Receiver or Processor as opposed to the
high-level connection method described above.
"subwoofer output" jack from your receiver or processor to the
RCA "subwoofer input" on the rear panel of the subwoofer.
receiver as described above in the "High Level Connecting the
Speakers" section.
subwoofers and
controls are set-up correctly for this purpose.


the subwoofer with that of your main speakers.
B) If you have one Athena Technologies
speakers, and one of the speakers is
1) Connect the left channel speaker wire from the Receiver to
2) Connect the right channel speaker wire from the Receiver to
If you inadvertently reverse one of the connections (i.e, red to
High Level Connecting the Speakers
If you have only the speakers, and not the matching powered
Connect the speaker wire from the positive (RED +) terminal on
Contrary to popular belief, not all speaker wire is the same. The
Using the low level RCA subwoofer output of a receiver,
This connection is used when you are using an Athena
subwoofer separately. Or if you wish to use the
Connect a single RCA to RCA interconnect cable to the
In this case, the main speakers must be connected directly to the
Please read the "Subwoofer Controls" section to ensure all the
"Bass Level" Control
This rotary control adjusts the output level of your Athena
subwoofer and should be used to balance the level of
subwoofer and a pair

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