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Kenwood kMix BLX50 series Manual page 6

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to use your blender
1 Fit the sealing ring
the seal is located correctly.
Leaking will occur if the seal is damaged or
incorrectly fitted.
2 Clip the blade unit
3 Screw the goblet onto the blade assembly in a
clockwise direction - ensuring that the blade assembly
is fully tightened.
4 Put your ingredients into the goblet.
5 Clip the lid seal onto the underside of the lid.
6 Fit the filler cap to the lid.
7 Fit the lid by pushing down until secure.
8 Place the blender onto the power unit.
The appliance won't work if the blender is
incorrectly fitted.
9 Select a speed (refer to the function selector chart).
into the blade unit
- ensuring
into the base
function selector chart
Drinks and thick mixes ie pâtés
Frothing milk
Smoothie drinks
Place the fresh fruit and liquid ingredients in first (includes yoghurt,
milk and fruit juices).
Then add ice or frozen ingredients (includes frozen fruit, ice
or ice cream)
All types of soup mixes
Liquids should be allowed to cool to room temperature
before blending.
Dips, fruit and vegetable purées (add liquid if difficult to process).
Chopping e.g. nuts, breadcrumbs and biscuit crumbs etc.
Ice Crushing
Automatic pulsing action
To blend dry ingredients - cut into pieces, remove the
filler cap, then with the machine running, drop the
pieces down one by one. Keep your hand over the
opening. For best results empty regularly.
The processing of spices is not recommended as they
may damage the plastic parts.
When making mayonnaise, put all the ingredients,
except the oil, into the blender. Remove the filler cap.
Then, with the appliance running, add the oil slowly
through the hole in the lid.
Thick mixtures, e.g. pâtés and dips, may need scraping
down. If the mixture is difficult to process, add more
max qty
1.6 litres
800 mls
1 litre liquid
1.6 litres
3 eggs
450 mls oil
12 cubes

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