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Service And Customer Care - Kenwood BL620 series Manual

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Table of Contents
Always ensure that the filter is fitted
to the lid assembly before use.
Smoothie recipes - never blend
frozen ingredients that has formed a
solid mass during freezing, break it
up before adding to the goblet.
mill only
Use for dry ingredients only.
When making mayonnaise, put all
the ingredients, except the oil, into
the blender. Remove the filler cap.
Then, with the machine running,
pour the oil down slowly through the
hole in the lid.
Thick mixtures, e.g. pâtés and dips,
may need scraping down. If it's
difficult to process, add more liquid.
to use your mill
1 Put your ingredients into the jar. Fill it
no more than half full.
2 Fit the sealing ring into the blade unit
ensuring the seal is fully located
under the rim of the blade unit..
Leaking will occur if the seal
is damaged or not fitted
correctly. Then clip the blade unit
into the base
3 Turn the base unit upside down.
Lower it into the jar, blades down.
4 Screw the base unit onto the jar until
it's finger-tight.
5 Place the mill onto the power unit
and turn to lock
6 Select a speed or use the pulse
Always switch off, unplug and
dismantle before cleaning.
Empty the goblet before unscrewing
it from the blade unit.
Do not place any parts in the
(if supplied)
power unit
Wipe with a damp cloth, then dry.
Store excess cord in the storage
area at the back of the power
blade unit
1 Remove the blade unit from out of
the base by pushing up from
Care should be taken when
removing the blade unit from the
2 Remove and wash the sealing ring.
3 Don't touch the sharp blades –
brush them clean using hot soapy
water, then rinse thoroughly under
the tap. Don't immerse the
blade unit in water.
other parts
Wash by hand, then dry.
service and customer
If the cord is damaged it must, for
safety reasons, be replaced by
KENWOOD or an authorised
KENWOOD repairer.
If you need help with:
using your appliance or
servicing, spare parts or repairs
Contact the shop where you bought
your appliance.


Table of Contents

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