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Mode Select; Selecting A Temperature; Temp; Selecting A Fan Speed - Mitsubishi Electric PEAD-RP1.6EA Operation Manual

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Table of Contents
2. Operation
• Once the buttons have been set, pressing of the [ON/OFF] button only
can repeat the same operation thereafter.
• During operation, the operation lamp above the [ON/OFF] button lights
Even if the operation button is pressed immediately after the opera-
tion is stopped, operation is not restarted for about 3 minutes. This
function protects the machine. It automatically starts operation after
the lapse of approximately 3 minutes.

2.2. Mode select

When selecting operation
1. Press the 3 3 3 3 3 [selecting operation] button
Consecutive press of the selecting operation button switches the opera-
tion over to E "
", " ", "
operation, check the display.
For cooling
Press the 3 3 3 3 3 [selecting operation] button and bring up the "
For dry
Press the 3 3 3 3 3 [selecting operation] button and bring up the " " dis-
• The indoor fan turns to the low-speed operation, disabling the change of
fan speed.
• Dry operation cannot be carried out at a room temperature of less than
18 °C.
For fan
Press the 3 3 3 3 3 [selecting operation] button and bring up the "
• The fan operation functions to circulate the air in the room.
• The temperature of the room cannot be set by fan operation.
Never expose your body directly to cool air for a long time. Excessive
exposure to cool air is bad for your health, and should therefore be
Dry operation
The dry is a microcomputer-controlled dehumidifying operation which con-
trols excessive air-cooling according to the room temperature of your choice.
(Not usable for heating.)
1. Until reaching room temperature of your choice
The compressor and indoor fan function are linked together according
to the change of the room temperature and automatically repeat ON/
2. When reaching room temperature of your choice
Both the compressor and indoor fan stop.
When stop continues for 10 minutes, the compressor and indoor fan are
operated for 3 minutes to keep the humidity low.
For heating
Press the 3 3 3 3 3 [selecting operation] button to bring up the "
Regarding displays during heating operation "DEFROST"
Displayed only during the defrosting operation.
Displayed from the start of heating operation until the moment warm air
blows out.
• When the air conditioner is used together with burners, thoroughly
ventilate the area. Insufficient ventilation can result in accidents
due to oxygen deficiency.
• Never place a burner at a place where it is exposed to the airflow
from the air conditioner.
Doing so can result in imperfect combustion of the burner.
• The microcomputer functions in the following cases:
• Air does not blow out when heating starts.
- To prevent any cool air from escaping, the indoor fan is gradually
switched in sequence from faint airflow/weak airflow/set airflow ac-
cording to the temperature rise of the blown out air. Wait a moment
until the airflow comes out naturally.
• The fan is not moving at the set speed.
- In some models, the system switches over to faint airflow when the
temperature of the room reaches the set temperature. In other cases,
", ("
"), and ("
"). For the contents of
" display.
it stops to prevent any cool air from escaping during the defrosting
• Air flows out even if operation is stopped.
- Approximately 1 minute after the stop of operation, the indoor fan
sometimes rotates to eliminate extra heat generated by the electric
heater, etc. The fan speed comes to low or high.
For ventilation
Press the 3 3 3 3 3 [selecting operation] button to bring up the "
• Used to provide ventilation without using the heat or air conditioning
functions of the unit.
• The
display will not appear when the ventilation equipment is not
For automatic
Press the 3 3 3 3 3 [selecting operation] button to bring up the "
" dis-
The heating display and the automatic display does not appear on models that
operate exclusively as cooling only air-conditioner.

2.3. Selecting a temperature

To change room temperature
Press the 1 1 1 1 1 [room temperature adjustment] button and set the room
temperature of your choice.
If the pressing is continued, the setting continues to change by 1 °C.
• Indoor temperature can be set within the following range.
Cooling/dry: 19 - 30 °C
" dis-
• It is impossible to set the room temperature by the air-blow operation.
* The range of room temperature display is 8 - 39 °C. Outside this range,
the display flashes either 8 - 39 °C to inform you if the room temperature
is lower or higher than the displayed temperature.

2.4. Selecting a fan speed

To change fan speed
Every time you press the 6 [fan speed] button once, it switches from the
low-speed to high-speed settings successively.
In the electronic dry operation, the indoor fan automatically turns to low-
speed operation. Switching the fan speed is impossible. (Only the display
on the remote controller changes.)
* Every time the fan speed adjustment button is pressed once, the fan
speed is changed.
(Low) →

2.5. Using the timer

1) Set the current time
• Set the current time after turning ON the power of the air conditioner or
after restoration from a power failure.
• It can be set regardless of the operation of the indoor unit.
• During the time operation, the time-setting button becomes void, disa-
bling time setting.
1. Press the 4 4 4 4 4 [time selection] button and bring up the A A A A A "current
time" display
• Every time it is pressed, the display changes.
CLOCK "current
When the current time is not yet set, the "CLOCK (current time)" dis-
play flashes, disabling the setting of timer operation.
2. Set the current time by pressing the 4 4 4 4 4
• The time cannot be set while the C "timer on" is displayed.
• While the A "CLOCK" time is displayed, press the time setting 4
buttons and set the time.


once changes the setting by 1 °C.
17 - 28 °C
"timer end
"timer start
" dis-
" dis-
(no display)


Table of Contents

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