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Tumble Dryer; Safety Instructions - Electrolux T4290 Operating Manual

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This machine is only intended for drying water-washed garments.
Clothes that have been cleaned with chemicals/flammable liquids, must NOT
be dried in the machine.
Remove clothes from the tumble dryer as soon as they are dry. This prevents
them from becoming creased, and reduces the risk of spontaneous ignition.
The machine must not be used for drying foam rubber or foam-like materials.
The machine must not be used for drying floor mops*.
The machine must not be used by minors.
The machine must not be hosed down with water.
Adequate ventilation has to be provided to avoid the back flow of gases into
the room from appliances burning other fuels, including open fires.
Mechanical, electrical and gas installations must only be carried out by
authorised personnel.
If the machine has a fault, this must be reported as soon as possible to the
person in charge. This is important for your own safety and for the safety of
Gas dryers only:
The machine is not to be installed in rooms containing clean-
ing machines with perchloroethylene, TRICHLOROETHYLENE or
What to do if you smell gas:
Do not try to light any appliance.
Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building.
Evacuate the room, building or area.
Contact the laundry manager.
Emergency stop (T4530/4650)
If the machine for some reason
has to be stopped – press emer-
gency stop button.
* Applies only to floor mops containing polypropylene.

Tumble dryer

Safety instructions

When the necessary measures
have been taken, pull out the emer-
gency stop button. (The emergency
stop button is an option outside EU
and EEA).

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