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Installation; Remove Old Thermostat; Wire And Mount New Thermostat - Honeywell CT410A Installation Manual

B line voltage electric heat thermostats
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When Installing This Product...
Read these instructions carefully. Failure to follow them could damage the product or cause
a hazardous condition.
Check the ratings given in these instructions to make sure the thermostat is suitable for
your application.
After installation is complete, check out operation as provided in these instructions.
! Proper installation of your Honeywell thermostat will occur if you follow these instructions
STEP-BY-STEP. It is recommended that as you read, understand and complete each step, you
check it off with pencil or pen.
! Check thermostat suitability for your home's system by reviewing the ratings above.
! Make certain that your heating system is working, especially if it has been inoperative for a
length of time. If the system does not work, contact your local electrician for assistance.
! Carefully unpack your new thermostat. To avoid damage to the sensing element, do NOT
remove the thermostat cover until wiring has been completed.
! Save packages of screws, instructions, receipt and proof-of-purchase.

Remove Old Thermostat

Electrical Shock Hazard. Can cause severe injury, death or property damage.
Begin by turning off power to the heating circuit at the main service panel.
! Remove cover of old thermostat—cover normally snaps off when pulled firmly from the bottom.
If it resists, check for a screw that locks the cover.
! Loosen screws holding thermostat base to outlet box and lift away.
! Disconnect wires from old thermostat. As you disconnect each wire, tape the end and label it
with the letter of the terminal designation to make reconnection to new thermostat easier.
! Check the old insulation for cracks, nicks or fraying, and apply high quality plastic tape where
necessary for adequate insulation.
! Retain the old thermostat for reference purposes and until your new thermostat is functioning

Wire and Mount New Thermostat

! Remove thermostat cover by grasping the top and bottom ends with fingers, and pulling
! Connect wires to the thermostat as shown in the applicable wiring diagram. Push the wires into
the outlet box, and insert the thermostat into the box for mounting by pushing against top and
bottom of the thermostat base.
Do not press on setting knob. Rough handling or strong pressure can damage knob or
sensing element, and change calibration.
! Secure the thermostat to the box with the two captive mounting screws provided.
! Replace thermostat cover.
! Set knob to desired room temperature.



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