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2. Coat the valve stems with molybdenum
disulfide grease and insert the valves into the
cylinder head.
3. Install the 2 valve springs and the valve
spring retainer.
It~stall pltch spr~ngs w t h the
closely wound cotls toward the cyltnder
(Figure 51).
4. Fit a valve spring compressor to the valve
spring retainer and the bottom of the valve
head (Figure 40). Use the tool to press down the
retainer and expose the keeper groove on the
valve stem. Install the keepers and remove the
spring compressor. Make sure the keepers are
securely seated. Tap the stem end lightly with a
hammer if necessary to jar the keepers into
The alloy cylinder block has pressed-in
cylinder sleeves, which can be bored to 0.020
in. (0.5 mm) oversize and again to 0.040 in. (1
mm) oversize.
The cylinder block can be removed after
removing the cylinder head.
1. Pull the front cam chain guide up out of the
2. Remove the 2 nuts at the rear ofthe cylinder
block base (Figure 52) and the one at the front
(Figure 53).
3. Loosen the cylinder block from the
crankcase; there is a cast-in pry point at the
base (Figure 54). Use the widest tool that will
fit the slot. Twist the tool; d o not hammer into
the opening.
4. Pull the cylinder block straight up and off
the pistons and studs.
5. Stuff a clean rag into the crankcase under
each piston to keep dirt or small parts from
6. Remove the 2 oil control orifices and
O-rings from both sides of the crankcase.
7. Remove the
Allen bolts and lift the rear
cam chain guide up out of the crankcase.
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Table of Contents

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