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1. Feeler gauge
2. Straightedge
5. Check that the front cam chain guide is
correctly installed (Figure 38).
Lower the cylinder head onto the cylinder
block studs, threading the cam chain up
through the head. Tie the chain up or stick a
screwdriver through it to keep it from falling
down into the crankcase.
7. Check that the cylinder head is fully seated
against the cylinder block all around, then
loosely install the 12 nuts (Figure 31).
8. Tighten the cylinder head nuts evenly in 2
stages to the torque specified in Table 2. Follow
the sequence shown in Figure 31.
9. Install the 2 bolts at the rear of the cylinder
(Figure 29) and 3 at the front (Figure 30).
Torque the 5 cylinder head bolts as specified in
10. Oil and install the valve lifters and shims
in the same locations from which they were
may be possible to salvage a cracked head with
heliarc welding.
5 . Place a straightedge across the gasket
surface at several points. Measure warp by
i n s e r t i n g a f e e l e r gauge between t h e
straightedge and cylinder head at each location
(Figure 35). There should be less warp than the
limit in Table 1. If a small amount is present,
the head can be resurfaced; have the job done
by a machine shop.
1 . Check that the top surface of the cylinder
block and the bottom surface of the cylinder
head are clean before installing a new gasket.
Make sure the oil passages are clear (Figure 36).
2. Check that the 2 dowel pins (A, Figure 37)
are installed at the outer front cylinder block
studs, and that the oil control orifices
are in
place with the small hole pointing up.
3. Install 2 new O-rings (C, Figure 37).
4. Install the cylinder head gasket. If one side
of the gasket is marked "TOP" or "UP." that
side faces up.
T h e c y l i n d e r h e a d g a s k e t
i s
syrnnzctr~al. ,Wake sure the gasket
tnatches all holes in the head and the
center cam chain tunnel cutaway.
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Table of Contents

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