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For tninimutn wear, the lifters must be
reinstallrd in their original locufion
during assembly.
6. Loosen the head by tapping around the edge
with a rubber or plastic mallet. If necessary,
gently pry the head loose with a broad-tipped
screwdriver only in the ribbed areas of the fins.
Rctncmber, the coolrng ,fins are fragile
and may he damaged
i f
tapped or pried
too hard. Never use a metal hammer to
loosen the cybnder head.
7. Lift the cylinder head straight up and offthe
studs and remove it, keeping the cam chain tied
up (Figure 33).
8. Put a clean shop rag into the cam chain
opening in the cylinder block to keep out dirt.
I f
you are going to remove the valves
yourself; go on to
Valve Removal.
Otherwise, take the cylinder head to a
Kawasaki dealer,for valve and valve seat
1. Remove all traces of gasket or sealant from
the head and cylinder block mating surfaces.
2. Remove all deposits from the combustion
chambers and intake and exhaust ports with a
wire brush or
metal scraper. Be careful not
to gouge the soft aluminum surfaces. Burrs will
create hot spots which can cause preignition
and heat erosion. Clean the spark plug hole
threads with a fine wire brush, then clean the
head thoroughly with solvent.
If one or more of the combustion
chambers contains unusually large
carbotz deposits, check the valve guides
and oil seals for those cornbustion
chambers very carefully.
3. On U S . models, clean the air suction
passages in the cylinder head exhaust ports
(Figure 34).
4. Inspect the combustion chambers for
cracks, especially between the valve seats. It
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Table of Contents

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