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8 1
does not exceed the limit in Table 1,
check clearance with a
n e w
camshaft. If a
new camshaft will not bring the .-1
within specification, the cylinder head
must be replaced.
c. Remove t h e c a m s h a f t s , c l e a n all
Plastigage from the camshafts and caps
and reinstall the camshafts beginning at
13. Make sure the No. 1 and No. 4 pistons are
still at TDC; the "T" mark next to the No. 1 and
No. 4 "F" mark should align with the index
mark (Figure 18).
14. Slowly turn the crankshaft to the right
(clockwise) 2 full turns, using the 17 mm bolt
on the right end of the crankshaft. Check that
all timing marks again align as shown in Figure
27, except that the "Z5 IN" mark should now
align with the rear cylinder head surface. If all
marks align as indicated, cam timing is correct.
Ifthere is atzy binding while turning the
crankshaft, stop. Recheck the camshaft
titning tnarks. Improper cam timing can
cause valve and piston damage.
15. If
the valve seats were ground or
f a
n e w
valve, cylinder head, valve lifter, o r camshaft
was installed,
check and adjust the valve
clearance; see
Valve Clearance
in Chapter
1 6. Apply molybdenum disulfide grease to the
tachometer drive gear shaft and install the gear,
holder with O-ring, oil seal, gasket, stops and
Allen screw in the cylinder head (Figure 24).
17. Install the valve cover and gasket; see
Valve Cover Installation
in this chapter.
The alloy cylinder head has cast-in valve
seats and pressed-in valve guides. Each valve
operates against 2 coil springs, one inside the
The camshafts must be removed before
removing the cylinder head.
1. Remove the exhaust system; see
S y s t e m R e m o v a l
in Chapter Seven.
2. Remove the carburetor assembly; see
Carburetor R e m o v a l
in Chapter Seven.
3. Remove the 2 bolts at the rear of the
cylinder block (Figure 29) and 3 at the front
(Figure 30).
Remove the 12 cylinder head nuts and
washers (Figure 31).
5. Remove the valve lifters and shims now to
avoid accidental mixup if they should fall out
while removing the head. Remove lifters and
shims one cylinder at a time and place them
into a container (like an egg carton-see Figure
32) marked with the cylinder number and
"intake" or "exhaust." The No. 1 cylinder is on
the left side of the bike.
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