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8. Locate the cam chain pin on the exhaust
sprocket in line with the "EX" line (Figure 27).
Beginning with this pin as zero, count off 43
pins toward the intake cam. The "Z5 IN" line
on the intake sprocket must lie between the
43rd and 44th pins. If it does not align, recheck
your pin count and reposition the intake
camshaft if required.
Check that the cam chain is properly seated
in the front and rear cam chain guides.
10. Check that the camshaft cap dowel pins are
in place and loosely install the camshaft caps in
their original location.
Each of the caps is numbered to match
its location on the cylinder head and
marked with an arrow that must point to
the front of the engine.
1 1. Tighten the bolts on each cam's left inside
cap just enough to seat the camshafts, then
tighten the remaining cap bolts. Torque the cap
bolts as specified in Table 2. After you tighten
the camshaft cap bolts, the "Z5 IN" mark on
the intake sprocket should align with the rear
cylinder head surface.
12. Ifyou are checking cam/bearing clearance
with Plastigage:
a. Remove the camshaft cap bolts. Remove
the caps and measure the width of the
Plastigage with the Plastigage wrapper
(Figure 28). The material may stick to the
camshaft journal or the cap.
b. If any bearing clearance is larger than the
limit in Table 1, install the camshaft caps
o n t h e cylinder head without the
camshafts and measure the bearing
surface inside diameters (ID). If any
bearing surface I D is larger than the wear
limit in Table 1, install a new cylinder
head and all new camshaft caps. The
bearing caps and cylinder head are
machined as one piece and cannot be
replaced separately. If the bearing surface
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Table of Contents

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