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Pull up on thecam chain and keep it taut
while turning the crankshaft. Ifthe chain
is slack, it may jam up at the crankshaft
and darnage the chain and the sprocket.
Ifyou are checking cadbearing clearance
with Plastigage,
cut strips of Plastigage and lay
them lengthwise across each camshaft cap. Do
not lubricate the journals or bearing caps until
after you remove the Plastigage.
4B. I f you are not checking cam/bearing
coat the camshaft journals and lobes
with clean engine oil. Use molybdenum
disulfide grease if new parts are being installed.
5. Insert the exhaust camshaft through the
cam chain into the cylinder head. The exhaust
camshaft h a s a t a c h o m e t e r worm gear
machined into it
Figure 20). The notched
end of the camshaft faces the right side of the
If you did not remove the tachometer
drive gear from the cylinder head and i f
the exhaust camshaft vtJorm drive gear
does not mesh with the tachometer drive
gear in the cylinder head, the parts will
bedarnaged when the carnshaft cap bolts
are tightened.
6. Without turning the crankshaft, align the
"EX" line on the exhaust cam sprocket with
the front cylinder head surface (Figure 25). Pull
the cam chain tight at the front and fit it onto
the sprocket.
Do not rotate either camshaft in its
bearing suvfaces ifPlastigage is in place.
Instead, lift the camshaft and turn it to
align the timing marks.
7. Without turning the crankshaft, insert the
intake camshaft through the cam chain into
the cylinder head. Align the intake sprocket
"Z5 IN" line with the rear cylinder head
surface (Figure 26) and fit the chain to the
sprocket. The notched side of the camshaft
faces the right side of the engine.
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Table of Contents

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