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Kawasaki KZ500 Manual Page 84

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Table of Contents
2. Pull out the pushrod and the heavy spring
(B, Figure 7).
1. Clean the tensioner body and all parts in
2. Grease the pushrod and cross wedge with
molybdenum disulfide grease.
Insert the large spring and pushrod into the
tensioner body with the pushrod flat facing the
pin on the side of the tensioner.
CA C17'10hT
Do not insert the cum chain tensioner
cross wedge until qfter the valve cover
and its cam chain guide are installed
and the tensioner body is mtalled on the
cvlinder block.
1. Install the tensioner body and O-ring on the
cylinder block.
2. After engine top end assembly is complete,
grease the tensioner cross wedge and push it
into the body lightly by hand so the flat on the
end of the cross wedge faces the flat on the end
of the pushrod. The end of the cross wedge
should stick out about 7/16 in. (1 1
12 mm)
from the tensioner body (Figure 8). If the cross
wedge sticks out much more or less then
specified, recheck for proper engine and
tensioner assembly: the cam chain, guides or
sprockets may be excessively worn.
3. Install the cross wedge spring, check that the
aluminum washer is in place and install the
4. Install the c a r b u r e t o r assembly; see
Carburetor Installation in Chapter Seven.
Make sure the carburetors are solidly seated all
the way into the front rubber holders. Tighten
the clamps securely so the carburetors are air
The valve cover must be removed to inspect
and adjust valve clearance.
1. Check that the ignition switch is OFF.
2. Remove the fuel tank; see F u e l T a n k
Removal in Chapter Seven.
Disconnect the leads to the ignition coils,
then remove the coil mounting nuts and the
coils (Figure 9).
4. O n
models, slide up the lower hose
clamps and pull the hoses off the air suction
valve covers
Figure 10). Swing the vacuum
switch and air hoses up out of the way. Remove
the bolts securing the air suction valve covers
(Figure 10). The covers can stay in place.
5. Remove the cam chain tensioner cap and
spring; see C a m C h a i n Tensioner in this
chapter. Complete tensioner removal is not
6. Remove the bolts securing the valve cover
(Figure 11); there are 20 bolts on U.S. models
and 24 bolts on other models. Tap around the
cover's edge with a plastic or rubber mallet to
loosen it and remove the cover.
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Table of Contents

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