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5. Lengthen the opening (front) cable adjuster
to attain the desired free play. Tighten the
6. If all the adjustment range is used up at the
throttle grip, use the adjusters at the carburetor
end of the throttle cables (Figure 80).
7. Open the throttle fully and check that the
open throttle limit screw (Figure 81) contacts
its stop. If they do not contact, there is too
much throttle cable play and the throttle is not
opening fully.
Idle Speed Adjustment
Proper idle speed setting is necessary to
prevent stalling and to provide adequate
engine compression braking when you let off
the throttle. You can't set it perfectly with the
bike's tachometer-it's just not accurate at the
low end. You'll need a portable tachometer. If
you don't have one, you're about as well off
setting idle by ear and feel. If it stalls, set idle
faster; if you want more engine braking when
decelerating, set idle slower.
1. Ride the bike to warm it up fully (about 10
2. Stop the engine and attach a portable
t a c h o m e t e r , following t h e instrument
manufacturer's instructions.
Start the engine and turn the idle speed
Figure 82) to set idle as specified in
Table 3. If you have no tachometer, set the idle
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Table of Contents

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