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Engine Tune-up; Nuts, Bolts And Fasteners - Kawasaki KZ500 Manual

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Table of Contents
5 1
Do not turn the brake light switch body
or you may twist the wires
Lining Wear Inspection
Inspect the brake linings for wear according
to the maintenance schedule (Table 1).
1. Apply the brake fully and hold
i t
2. The brake cam arm should form an angle of
80-90" with the brake rod when the brake is
applied (Figure
If the angle exceeds 10O0,
remove the brake arm bolt and arm and
reposition the arm on the splined camshaft so
that you get an 80-90" angle when the brake is
applied. Do not remove or reposition the wear
indicator pointer.
Check the brake lining wear indicator on the
backing plate (Figure 54). When the wear
indicator pointer moves out of the "USABLE
RANGE" mark with the brake applied.
disassemble the brake and inspect the linings.
Drum Brake Inspection
in Chapter Nine.
Brake Lubrication
(Drum Brake)
The brake cam and pivot inside the brake
drum should be lubricated according to the
maintenance schedule (Table 1). Refer to
Chapter Nine,
Drurn Brake Assembly.
Check all exposed nuts, bolts, cotter pins,
safety clips and circlips. Pay particular
attention to:
a. Control lever, pedal and linkage pivots
b. Engine mounting bolts
c. Handlebar clamp bolts
d. Top fork clamp bolts
e. Bottom fork clamp bolts
f. Front axle clamp and axle nuts
g. Shock absorber mounts
h. Swing arm pivot
i. Rear brake torque link
j. Rear axle nut
This check is
important on
high-mileage machines.
The following list summarizes routine
e n g i n e t u n e - u p p r o c e d u r e s . D e t a i l e d
instructions follow the list. These tune-up
procedures are arranged so that you start with
the jobs that require a "cold" engine and finish
with the jobs that call for a fully warmed-up
engine. If you follow the sequence, you won't
waste time waiting for your bike to cool down
when required. If you aren't giving the bike a
complete tune-up, backtrack through the
procedures to make sure you've installed all
p a r t s .
C o n s u l t
C h a p t e r
f o r
troubleshooting procedures when you suspect
more serious trouble. Refer to Table 3 at the
end of the chapter for tune-up specifications.
1. Inspect the air filter and clean it or install a
new one.
2. Clean the fuel system. Inspect the fuel lines
for cracks or leakage.
Inspect the spark plugs. Clean them and
adjust the gap or replace them if necessary.
Leave the plugs out until after you inspect
valve clearance.
4. Inspect valve clearance and adjust if
On rnodels with contact beaker point
Inspect the contact breaker points.
Adjust the g a p o r replace the points if
necessary. Lubricate the point cam wick very
5B. On models with transistorized ignition:
Ignition timing inspection is optional.
6. Adjust the carburetors if required (throttle
cable play, idle mixture on all except US.
models and idle speed).
7. Check and record cylinder compression.
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Table of Contents

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