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Rear Shock Absorbers - Kawasaki KZ500 Manual

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The rear shock absorbers feature adjustable
spring preload a n d some models have
adjustable damping. Damping adjustment
affects mainly extension (rebound) damping.
To adjust spring preload, use the spanner or
screwdriver in your motorcycle tool kit to turn
both preload adjusters to one of the 5 settings
(Figure 37). You will feel the adjuster become
harder to turn as you set it for heavy preload.
To adjust damping on early models, turn
both damper wheels to one of the 4 click stops
marked on the wheel (Figure 38). On later
models. turn the chrome shock cover to adjust
the damping (Figure 39). Position No. 1 is the
lightest damping: position No. 4 is the heaviest
Kawasaki recommends balancing light rear
shock preload and damping with light fork air
pressure and heavy shock preload a n d
damping with heavy fork air pressure. Increase
preload and damping for high speed riding.
Both rear shock absorbers must be set at
the same preload settings for safe
handling. Models wlth adjustable
damping must have both shocks
adjustedfor the same damping.
Check that both rear shock absorber preload
adjusters are set at the same notch. On models
with adjustable damping, check that both rear
shock absorber damping adjusters are set the
same. Force the rear of the bike up and down.
You should hear the fluid working in the
shocks. Check for fluid leakage. If there is fluid
leakage replace t h e shocks; they are not
rebuildable. Check the shock mounting bolts
for tightness and their rubber bushings for wear
(Figure 40).
Tire pressure must be checked with the tires
cold. Correct tire pressure depends a lot on the
load you are carrying and how fast you are
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Table of Contents

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