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Swing Arm - Kawasaki KZ500 Manual

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Chain Wear
Kawasaki recommends replacing the drive
chain when it has worn longer than 2 percent of
its original length.
quick check will give you
an indication of when to measure chain wear.
At the rear sprocket, pull one of the links away
from the sprocket. If the link pulls away more
than 112 the height of a sprocket tooth, the
chain has probably worn out (Figure 26). To
measure chain wear perform the following:
1. Remove the drive chain and stretch it out
tight on a table top.
2. Lay a scale along the top chain run and
measure the length of any 20 links in the chain,
from the center of the first pin you select to the
21st pin (Figure 27). If the 20 link length is
more than 12.7 in (323 mm), install a new drive
chain: see SwingArm Removal in Chapter Ten.
If the drive chain is worn, inspect the rear
wheel and engine sprockets for undercutting or
sharp teeth (Figure 28). If wear is evident,
replace the sprockets too or you'll soon wear
out your new drive chain.
The swing arm bearings must be lubricated
with grease according to the maintenance
schedule (Table 1). On 1979-1980 models,
there is a grease fitting on the swing arm
crossmember. Later models require removal of
the swing arm to lubricate the bearings: see
Swing Arm Removal in Chapter Ten.
1. Use a grease gun to force grease into the
fitting on the swing arm, until the grease runs
out both ends of the swing arm. If grease
doesn't come out ofthe swing arm ends, loosen
the swing arm nut a little and try again, then
retorque the nut to 60 ft.-lb. (8.0 mkg).
2. If grease will not run out of the ends of the
swing arm. unscrew the grease fitting from the
swing arm. Clean the fitting and make certain
that its ball check valve is free. Reinstall the
3. Apply the grease gun again. If grease does
not run out both ends ofthe swing arm, remove
the swing arm. clean out the old grease.
lubricate the bearings and install the swing
arm; see Swing Arm Removal in Chapter Ten.
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Table of Contents

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