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chain tojump offthe sprockets with potentially
disasterous results.
1. Put the motorcycle on its centerstand.
2. Turn the rear wheel slowly until you locate
the part ofchain that stretches tightest between
the 2 sprockets on the bottom chain run (the
chain wears unevenly).
With thumb and forefinger, lift up and press
down the chain at that point, measuring the
distance the chain moves vertically. The chain
should have about 1 in.
mm) of vertical
travel at midpoint (Figure 23). If it has less than
1 in. (20 mm) or more than 1 3/8 in. (35 mm) of
travel, adjust the chain play.
When adjusting the drive chain, you must
also maintain rear wheel alignment. A
misaligned rear wheel can cause poor handling
and pulling to one side or the other, as well as
increased chain, sprocket and tire wear. All
models have wheel alignment marks on the
swing arm and chain adjusters. Ifthe alignment
marks are kept at the same position left and
right, t h e rear wheel should be aligned
1. Remove the rear axle nut cotter pin and
remove the axle nut (A, Figure 24).
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Table of Contents

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