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Drive Chain - Kawasaki KZ500 Manual

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2. At the clutch lever, loosen the locknut and
turn the adjuster until 3116-1/4 in. (5-6 mm) of
threads are showing between the locknut and
the adjuster body (Figure 19).
3. Remove the 2 clutch adjuster cover screws
and the cover (Figure 20).
4. Loosen the locknut (Figure 21). then turn
the screw out until it turns freely.
5. Turn the screw in until it just becomes hard
to turn. Then turn the screw out 1/2 turn. Hold
the screw in position and tighten the locknut.
6. In front o f the engine, lengthen the
mid-cable adjuster until it has just taken all the
slack out of the cable and the clutch lever has
no free play. Tighten the locknut.
7. Check that the lower end of the clutch cable
(below the engine) is fully seated in its socket.
8. At the clutch lever, turn the adjuster as
required to get about 1/8 in. (2-3 mm) of cable
play at the clutch lever.
9. Install the clutch adjuster cover.
Clean, lubricate, adjust and check the drive
chain for wear according to the maintenance
schedule (Table I). The drive chain is endless
(it has no master link) for maximum strength.
Chain Lubrication
Many lubricants are available that are
specially formulated for drive chains. If a
special lubricant is not available, Kawasaki
recommends SAE 90 gear oil for chain
lubrication; it is less likely to be thrown off the
chain than lighter oils.
The drive chain has a permanent
internal bushing lubricant sealed in by
O-rings between the side plates
22). Do not use a solvent or aerosol
lubricant not designed for use on
0 - rings.
Chain Play Inspection
The drive chain must have adequate play so
that the chain is not strung tight when the swing
arm is horizontal (when the rider is seated). On
the other hand, too much play may cause the
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Table of Contents

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