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General Lubrication - Kawasaki KZ500 Manual

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Remove the cover and filter, discard the
filter and clean the cover and the bolt. Inspect
the O-rings on the cover and on the filter bolt
(Figure 8). Replace them if damaged.
7 . Insert the bolt into the cover and install the
filter cup, spring. washer and cover plate
(Figure 9).
Check that the oil filter grommets are in
place at both ends of the filter (Figure 10) and
turn the filter onto the filter bolt.
Before installing the cover, clean o f t h e
tmtitgsiiufact~ ofthe cratzkcase-do not
a l l o ~ ' any road dirt to enter the oil
9. Install the filter assembly in the crankcase
and torque the filter bolt to 15 ft.-lb. (2.0 mkg).
10. Remove the oi! filler cap and add the
specificd oil until it just reaches the upper line
at the inspection window. Be sure to give the oil
enough time to run down into the crankcase
before checking the level in the inspection
1 1. Screw in the filler cap a*d start the engine:
let it idle and check for leaks.
12. Turn off the engine and recheck for the
correct oil level.
The following items should be lubricated
according to the maintenance schedule (Table
1) and after cleaning the motorcycle. Special
lubricants are available for control cables and
other applications. but regular lubrication is
more important than the type of lubricant you
use: oil. grease, WD40. LPS3, etc.
Control Cables
The most positive method of control cable
lubrication involves the use o f a lubricator like
the one shown in Figure 11. Disconnect the
cable at the lever, attach the lubricator and
inject lubricant into the cable sheath until it
runs out of the other end. When lubricating a
throttle cable with this type ofdevice, the other
end of the cable should first be disconnected
from the carburetor.
If you d o not have a lubricator. make a
funnel from stiff paper or a plastic bag and tape
it securely to one end of the cable (Figure 12).
Hold the cable upright and add lubricant to the
funnel. Work the cable in and out to help the
lubricant work down the cable.
Control Pivots
Lubricate the brake pedal and linkage pivots
(Figure 13), the footpeg, sidestand and
centerstand pivots (Figure 14) and the control
lever pivots and control cable ends (Figure 15).
Throttle Grip
1. Remove the screws that assemble the twist
grip housing. Raise the top half of the housing.
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Table of Contents

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