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Engine Oil And Filter - Kawasaki KZ500 Manual

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Table of Contents
Oil Level Inspection
1. Wait several minutes after shutting off the
engine before making the check. to give all oil
enough time to run down into the crankcase.
2. Put the bike on its centerstand (or hold it
Look at the oil inspection window near the
hottom of the right engine cover (A, Figure 5).
- - - -
The oil level should lie between the upper and
lower lines at the window (Figure
4. If the oil level is below the lower line,
remove the filler cap and add oil slowly, in
small quantities, through the filler hole
Figure 5). Add enough to raise the oil level up
to (but not above) the top line. Be sure to give
the oil enough time to run down into the
crankcase before rechecking the level in the
inspection window. Use SAE 10W40, IOW50.
20W40 or 20W50 motor oil marked for service
"SEW or better.
5. Install the filler cap.
Oil and Filter Change
Change the oil according to the maintenance
schedule (Table 1). T h e filter should be
changed every other oil change. If you ride hard
or in dusty areas or if you take a lot of short
trips, change the oil more frequently.
Try to stay with one brand of oil. The use of
oil additives is not recommended: anything
you add to the engine oil also gets on the clutch
plates and could cause clutch slippage or
1. Ride the bike to warm it up fully, then turn
it off.
2. Put the bike up on its centerstand.
3. Put a drain pan under the crankcase and
remove the drain plug (A, Figure 7). After the
oil has drained, install the drain plug and
torque it to 27 ft.-lb. (3.8 mkg).
4. The oil filter should be replaced every other
engine oil change. If you are not changing the
filter, skip to Step 10.
5. T o remove the oil filter, unscrew the filter
cover bolt (B, Figure
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Table of Contents

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